About Charme

    Charme Knight (born Angela Charme Prater) was born and raised near her family farm in Northwest Georgia.  Her Grandfather Hugh Prater served as a deputy Sheriff, and then Sheriff of Gordon County, Georgia in the 1950's.  Charme's passion for criminal justice began in her early formative years.  As a young girl, she recalls sitting with her grandfather as he shared with her stories of bravery and justice.  Those stories along with the photographs and memorabilia he'd kept from his law enforcement career became the catalyst for her lifelong calling to law and order.  Being the Sheriff was a family affair for the Praters, and everyone pitched in.  Her grandmother was the head cook for the inmates, and doubled as a guard to keep the inmates in line when her grandfather was out on a call.  As a boy, her father took calls and ran the dispatch radio routing her grandfather to his next call when he was on the road.  These early years played a large part in cementing Charme's path in life.  Her parents and grandparents consistently and persistently instilled within her honor, discipline, loyalty and respect for the law. 

     In high school, Charme excelled both athletically and academically.  She was selected to take part in the prestigious Governors Honors Program.  As an honors student, Charme proved she could balance academics and another passion -- athletics -- by lettering in five Varsity Sports.  Pursuing her passion for criminal justice into secondary education, Charme received her Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice from West Georgia College in 1987.  Furthering her studies into law school, she earned honors and accolades and solidified her path by obtaining her Juris Doctorate from the University of Tennessee College of Law in 1990.  Again, showing her ability to balance athletics and studies, while attending law school Charme was named University of Tennessee Intramural Female Athlete of the Year for 1989/1990.

     In 1989, she began a student clerkship with the Knox County District Attorney's Office under District Attorney Ed Dossett.  She was hired on full-time upon graduation from law school.  Her first assignment as a prosecutor was to Knoxville City Sessions Court.  There she conducted hundreds of preliminary hearings on all types of cases ranging from petty crimes to aggravated felonies.  In a short time Charme was promoted to a trial unit -- the Sex Offense Unit where she focused on child sexual battery and rape cases.  This assignment placed her in a lead trial attorney position, where she handled criminal cases from the investigation phase to their conclusion with a trial by jury.  During this period, she sharpened her skills as a lead trial attorney, wholly responsible for putting child molesters behind bars. 

     After having her second child in 2000, Charme undertook an assignment as a specialized DUI prosecutor.  She handled Driving Under the Influence cases and repeat habitual motor vehicle offender cases.  She literally prosecuted thousands of drunk and drugged driver cases during this period of her career.  That experience instilled within her a grave concern for the adverse effect addiction and drug use has on families, victims, defendants and society as a whole.  But it also instilled within her the belief that adversity can be overcome.  She saw first hand how the criminal justice system can change people's behavior.  As the District Attorney's office grew, Charme's career moved her back to the cases that tugged at her heart the most...crimes against children.

     In 2007, a special Child Abuse Unit was created and Charme was subsequently named the Unit Chief.  As Chief, she has overseen the investigation and prosecution of thousands of child abuse cases.  Those cases include Internet sexual exploitation of minors, rape and homicide cases.  As an Assistant District Attorney, Charme is a member of the Child Protective Investigative Team.  This team convenes weekly to review allegations of child physical and sexual abuse occurring in Knox County.  In 2012 alone, the Child Protective Investigative Team reviewed over one thousand cases of physical and sexual abuse of children. 

     In her capacity as a Unit Chief, Charme has honed both her legal and managerial skills over the last five years.  Her legal duties have required expertise in every step of the criminal process from the initial investigation to conclusion of the case by jury trial.  She is responsible for making charging decisions, drafting indictments, grand jury presentation and motion practice. As Unit Chief, Charme is also experienced in the management and supervision of the trial attorneys and support staff assigned to the unit. Charme enjoys a strong collaborative working relationship with the Knoxville Police Department and the Knox County Sheriff's Office.  Being on call around the clock for both agencies allows her to be involved in case decisions from the very beginning.  As a result of her work, she was selected by her peers in the Knoxville Bar as a Cityview Top Attorney for 2011 and 2013.

     Charme is the proud mother of two teenage sons who attend West Valley Middle School, and Bearden High School.  She is also "mom" to Oscar, the family dog who was adopted from the Young-Williams Animal Center. In her spare time, she enjoys watching her boys play ball, horseback riding, gardening and tackling home improvement projects. She has been an active member of Central Baptist Church of Bearden where she has served in many capacities.  These include Sunday School Director, Royal Ambassador Director, Director of Missions Day and service on several committees including Preschool Weekday, Missions and Long Range Planning.  Her efforts in mission work have helped not only numerous local charities but also those in the Gulf Coast Region that were effected by hurricane Katrina.  She was able to organize and operate a donations "store" for those who were displaced here during the aftermath of Katrina.  She had such wonderful support from the community that she was able to personally deliver three trucks of excess supplies to the coast after the needs of the evacuees dissipated here.  She presently attends Fellowship Church in Knoxville.

      Charme Knight is a proud member of the Concord-Farragut Republican Club, the West Knox Republican Club, the Volunteer Women's Republican Club, the Halls Republican Club, the Knoxville Bar Association, the Knox County Child Protective Investigative Team, the Knox County Child Fatality Review Team, the East Tennessee Council on Children and Youth and the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force.

      Charme has a framed poster depicting a young boy clutching his dog that has hung in her office prominently and directly behind her desk for years.  The poster reads "Isn't it about time someone read him HIS rights".  It serves as a constant reminder to her of why she does what she does, and where her priorities lie.  Seeking justice, standing up for those who can't, and performing with fidelity the duties of the office of the District Attorney General is what she's always done, and what she'll always do.

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