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8/7/14 (Thursday) GENERAL ELECTION DAY!

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Charme regularly updates her "Elect Charme Knight" Facebook Page with information about the campaign.  Please check out the link below to that facebook page, or click here to see a complete campaign chronicle of where she's been, and how hard she's been working to get her message out: She is a proven prosecutor who is tough on crime, and smart on prevention! 

Charme is also featured on the cover of this summer's Cityview Magazine as she was voted a top prosecutor for 2013 by her peers, along with a feature interview for the issue.

  Thank you for taking your valuable time to visit my campaign website!   In the coming election, I am asking for your support as I pursue the office of District Attorney. I believe that my unique blend of experience, passion, and vision for the future make me the right choice for your District Attorney.
   I am Charme Knight, and I am an experienced prosecutor.  I have devoted my life to standing up for victims of crime. 
I have proudly served the citizens of Knox County for over 20 years in the office of the District Attorney General putting criminals behind bars. The vast majority of that time has been spent pursuing those who have murdered, raped, exploited or harmed our children.
   I am passionate in my pursuit of justice.  That passion is fortified each time I experience the despair of a family struggling with the victimization of their loved one.  I will fight for them.  It is also solidified when I feel the heartache of a family whose loved one is beginning to turn to a life of crime.  I will fight for them.  Justice means fighting hard for both families. 
   In order to improve our criminal justice system, as District Attorney I will use my experience and passion to shape the policies and procedures that dictate how justice is administered in Knox County. My vision is to keep those who choose to offend away from us by being tough on crime and to implement plans to stop others from making that irreversible decision to offend in the first place by being smart on prevention.  I look forward to introducing my plans to you over the coming months as I elaborate on my motto -- tough on crime and smart on prevention.  I want to meet you and discuss your questions, concerns and ideas on how we continue the fight against crime in our community.  I will work my hardest and smartest every day to keep our community safe.  I have the experience, passion, and vision that matter, and with your support, together we can make a difference in Knox County! 
    If you have a group, meeting or club that would like to hear about my plans for our community, click the contact link   so I can reach out to you!


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